19/07 : Takeshi Asai

Le pianiste et compositeur de jazz de renommée internationale Takeshi Asai pose ses valises en France pour la création d’un nouveau trio avec les formidables musiciens français que sont Pascal Combeau à la contrebasse et Maxime Legrand à la batterie.
La musique de ce japonais basé à New-York, nourri de traditions, plonge cependant dans une franche modernité, savoureux mélange de lyrisme et d’éclectisme marquée par la recherche délicate de l’esthétisme. Elle est profonde sans jamais perdre son charme et son attirance, comme se veut la musique populaire.

TakeshiAsaiLightTakeshi Asai is a New York-based pianist and composer whose works have been acclaimed for the profound lyricism and the eclecticism. He studied advanced piano techniques, jazz improvisation, and classical and modern composition at Berklee College of Music in Boston, with notable professors such as Ed Bedner, Ed Tomassi, Joanne Brackeen and Laszlo Gardoney. Takeshi’s professional work covers an incredibly huge musical arena, from the authentic to the most contemporary, most likely with the final touch of the international sophistications. 

As a jazz pianist, he has been performing in many notable projects including an award-winning original jazz ensemble “WaFoo,” an international concert series “A Tale of Three Cities” which has toured in France, Japan and the United States, while performing the newly formed Takeshi Asai New York Trio in jazz clubs in New York. The new album titled “New York Trio Vol. 1” is scheduled to release in February 2013.
As an established composer, various artists and organizations have engaged him in variety of high-profile projects such as Broadway theaters and films in addition to the commissions. His newest producer’s credit is a theater project, which is scheduled to premiere in June 2013.
Takeshi has also launched digital music production and multimedia projects in which his works are created digitally with the collaboration with visual arts. The projects have traveled in Japan, France and Italy.
He currently lives in Westchester, New York, with his wife.
Takeshi is managed by A&R Manager of “de trois cités records” New York office. www.takeshiasai.com

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